Thursday, 30 June 2011

My Thoughts:Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions

(Brazilian,Malaysian, Mongolian, Indian, Peruvian etc.) Hair Extensions are more popular than ever. They are everywhere and everyone is wearing them. I must confess that after i tried Brazilian Hair, I can never go back to synthetic hair/regular beauty supply hair. The difference in quality is very clear and there is something about the luster of the hair that makes it look gorgeous in pictures.

The Pros of this kind of extensions are that it lasts long and blends well with relaxed African (American) hair. It is also very lightweight.The cons are that it is can be very pricey (often overpriced), Remember price and quality are not necessarily proportional. The more expensive the hair is doesn't necessarily mean it is better quality!! 

Everything is best in moderation.. But I know some friends in the UK who install 6 bundles of hair that is 600g (24oz) of hair...(how do they manage to fit all that hair on their head?!?!). Don't feel pressured to purchase that much hair. 3 bundles is good enough and creates natural fullness if you want to use more, feel free to. I personally wouldn't use more than 3-4 bundles.Another pet peeve is seeing women with extra long lengths e.g. past their belly button...  it looks unnatural in my opinion. But to each its own.
Care is important. If you do not take care of your hair extensions they will end up looking ratty and dry.Mine got better with every wash & condition!!

Specs of my Virgin Brazilian Wavy Hair:
  • I used 3 bundles : 14, 16 and 20 inches
  • Each bundles is 100g so I used 300g of hair
  • The hair came in Natural Brown Color 
  • No tangling or shedding ( I would get 1-3 strands per week so the shedding is pretty much non-existent) I sealed my wefts so that prevented shedding.
  • The waves came back after every wash or co-wash
  • The less product you use on the hair the more manageable it is, I use Argan Oil for daily maintenance
Few pictures of my Virgin Brazilian Weave install:

My Virgin Brazilian Wavy Invisible Part Install
(Picture was taken immediately after the hair was installed)

Same Day, After I Shampooed, Conditioned  and Air dried my Hair
(When washed the does hair returns to its original wavy state)
P.S: I still have this hair and intend to use it again.After I took out my weave, I shampooed, conditioned, let the hair air dry and It returned to its original state. When my boyfriend saw the hair air drying, he thought I bought a new batch of hair.. that is how good this hair is :)

So what is your opinion on Brazilian Hair?? How much hair do you think is too much hair? What lengths if any are no nos?
Also if you have any questions about the hair, feel free to ask :)

UPDATE: I have this hair on a 3/4 wig right now. This is my 3rd install of this hair and I  still love it. The best hair extensions I have purchased till date!!  Click Here to see pictures of my 3/4 wig and what the hair looks like currently.


  1. Where do you buy your hair from?

  2. A company called "Lux Hair Couture"
    You can add them on facebook "Lux Hair Couture" to order or order directly from their webstore:

  3. I love your blog! Thanks so much for doing it. I bought some of the hair you recommended. It is affordable and now I know how long it lasts! Thank you

  4. the hair looks gorgeous. I'm ordering the hair for my next install. quick question, the hair you have above is that the deep wave or the body wave?
    love your blog!

  5. Thank you!
    The hair I purchased was Brazilian Wavy. It is more of a loose deep wave than a body wave.

  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! you've helped me tremendously! I don't usually get weaves, but I'm getting one for an occasion coming up. I had a "beachy- toussled- wavy" look in mind, but I didn't know what kind of hair to get. My stylist rec'd malaysian hair and my friend rec'd brazilian, so i googled them both, found your blog, now Im a believer of brazilian! your hair is gorgeous and exactly the look i want. My only concern is, how do i get this hair installed on my head and leave my edges out so it blends well and so I can wear a pony tail? do you think the hair will blend well with my hair in it's natural state? and how many inches is yours?

  7. I used 3 bundles (14,16 and 20 inches). None of my hair was left out, it was a invisible part weave. I wouldn't recommend doing a invisible part weave with glue instead do a sew in invisible part.If you want to wear your hair in a ponytail, you will have to leave hair out around the perimeter of your head. Brazilian Hair blends well with with relaxed African (American) hair but if you are natural you will have to straighten your hair to blend.

  8. Where did you purchase your Brazilian hair from? It looks great I want to purchase some but I'm soooo nervous!!

  9. In today's time women are boosting their hair styles with Brazilian hair. Today every other second is opting these hair extensions. It has become premier choice of women.

  10. Your hair extensions look great on you! It looks very natural. Brazilian hair extensions are beautiful because of its smoothness and luster. Plus, it is easy to manage. I also agree with you that some people who wear extensions that go until their belly buttons are too much. I don’t think I’d want to have hair that long!

    Elnora Touchstone

  11. Your points are very true. I must try to keep these points in my mind.Thanks a lot.....Malasian Hair Extensions

  12. Your hair extensions look great on you! I like the soft waves and that it looks so natural on you! It’s amazing that it maintained its luster, smoothness, and waves even after you shampooed, conditioned, and air dried it.

    Paola Basilio

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