Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Spring & Summer Hairgasm: Kinky Curly

When I think Spring/Summer 2012, i think big luscious kinky curly hair!! I am in lust with Kinky Curly hair. My spring/summer hair inspirations are Kelly Rowland, Teyana Taylor & Elle Varner.
Kelly Rowland rocking ONYC Kinky Curly
Teyana Taylor

Elle Varner
Watch This Video of my fav Youtube guru Peakmill wearing ONYC Mongolian Kinky Curly Hair. The hair is GORGEOUS!!!  Peakmill's videos are really informative and she shows you how she made the wig, defines the curls etc. I already added this video to my favorites on Youtube :) :)
She used 12 inches,14 inches and 16 inches so I'll probably get the same lengths for my own Kinky Curly Hair in April.

P.S: I have decided to transition from relaxed to natural hair..more on that in a upcoming post. Stay Tuned :)

Thursday, 22 March 2012

DIY: Brazilian Lace Closure Sew-in Application + Virgin Filipino Hair

After numerous attempts, I finally applied the closure and it wasn't easy because I am not great at doing cornrows. The cornrows need to be small and fairly tight so the closure can lay as flat as possible. Sewing  the closure on is the easy part, making the part look realistic is another story. My closure already has a middle part (which i specifically requested) but I parted the closure on the side and it worked out much better.I did not end up bleaching the knots of the closure because I was scared I would mess it up. What i did was cut a piece from a flesh colored pantyhose and sew it underneath the lace part of the closure.
Cut a piece from a flesh colored pantyhose 
Sew the piece to the lace part of the closure
End result: The scalp looks more realistic
No products and no styling. This is the hair in its natural state.
No products and no styling. This is the hair in its natural state.

I think I did a fairly decent job for my first try :)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

DIY: 3/4 Wig Using Virgin Filipino Straight Hair

Here is the first look of the 3/4 wig I made using my Virgin Filipino Hair.When picking out your lengths for straight hair, make sure the lengths are close together, so the layers do not look choppy.
Hair Details
1 bundle 12 inches
1 bundle 14 inches
1 bundle 18 inches

You can see the difference between the 14 inch bundle and the 18 inch bundle when the hair is in its natural straight state. When curled it wouldn't be as noticeable but I may do some layering.

This hair is more than true to length. It was hard to capture the full length while holding the camera myself. My longest bundle is a 18 inch but it looks more like a 20 inch.

The installation of the closure will be my next post. Hope I can make the closure look somewhat realistic.. (I am yet to bleach the knots so ...wish me luck).

Have a wonderful day :)

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Show & Tell: My First Lace Closure

I received my Virgin Brazilian lace closure on Friday *happy dance* The closure doesn't shed, I have been experimenting with it excessively.. and so far it doesn't shed :)

When I place the closure on my arm you can see that it somewhat blends with my skin. 
The closure has a center part. The lace is light brown.
If I try to part it anywhere else the knots are still somewhat visible.
Since knots are still somewhat visible, I will bleach the knots using the video below.

I will install the closure using the sew on method.This is the best video I have seen on Youtube on how to sew on a closure.

The hair + closure will be installed soon. The Filipino Hair will made into a 3/4 wig and the closure will be sewn into my crown area.

Update: See my closure installed HERE

Enjoy your week Dolls :)


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