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Christmas 2012 Hairstyle

I am really torn on what hairstyle I want for Christmas. I know I have said I am not a big fan of straight hair numerous times but my Virgin Filipino Hair changed my opinion of straight hair. The main reasons why I now love straight hair is that it is versatile and low maintenance.
The process of straightening wavy hair is tedious and I simply do not have the patience for it so I always wear my wavy hair in its natural state or I add more curls with a curling wand. I would prefer hair that is straight that I can curl when I want.
For Christmas. I either want a full bang hairstyle or a sleek straight style with my own leave out.

Full Bang Hairstyle
I am not 100% sold on this style is because I know I will not last up to a week with bangs in my face like 24/7. Also since it is Christmas and there are a lot of events to attend while visiting family and friends, I am not sure this hairstyle will work for me for every single event. On the other hand, I am open to trying a new look.

Sleek Str…