Saturday, 4 June 2016

Blend Natural Hair with Kinky Straight Extensions with NO HEAT!!

I have always had an issue with applying heat to my hair. Now I am newly natural I would say my fear of heat is magnified because I do not want heat damage on the part of my hair I leave out.

So although my transitioning hair blended flawlessly with kinky straight extensions without heat, my type 4 natural hair does not. I found a way to blend it without heat. I would not say the blending is 100% flawless but it is good enough considering no heat is used.

Method 1: African threading
Section your hair, wrap the thread around your hair. I wrap it very close together to give my hair more stretch. The smaller sections you use the better.  I have worn this hair everyday for 2 weeks.
The two pictures were taken a week apart:
Week 1 shows how my hair blends with the hair when it is freshly washed and air dried.

Week 2 shows how the hair looks later on in the second week. On that day I brushed the hair out with a paddle brush. It was a rainy windy day so my own hair got a little poofy but even then it still blended well.
Week 1
Week 2

Method 2: Flat Twists
When i do not thread my hair. I do two flat twists on both sides on my head and pin it back. This is my go to hairstyle, it is easy and fast and great for those days it is the raining or humid when you know your hair will poof and frizz.
I take my clip ins out everyday. I have only slept in them once (during an overnight trip). If you are going to sleep in them I suggest you un-clip the clips closest to your edges to avoid tension on your edges while you sleep.

I am in love with this hair. The older it gets the better it looks. It is so low maintenance, The hair does not shed excessively or tangle.
No one has asked me if I am wearing a weave, they all think it is my hair. If you are natural and want hair that can pass off as yours, I recommend this texture.
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