Sunday, 25 November 2012

DIY Red Hair using Brazilian Lace Closure + Virgin Filipino Hair

I am obsessed with burgundy right now.. so I thought to myself, why not try Burgundy Hair?! Ever since I saw Beautybyjj's red hair, I wanted red hair. Watch the Beautybyjj video below at your own risk because you will probably want to go red.

The hair is looks even better when curled

My absolute favorite Youtube guru Peakmill recently dyed her hair red/burgundy and I found myself running to the store to get red hair dye. I am not a fan of colored hair at least not during the colder months but I think this burgundy red color is just right.

I used my Virgin Filipino Hair and Virgin Brazilian Lace Closure.  I always try to get the most out of my hair extensions. It has been almost a year since I bought my Virgin Filipino Hair and Brazilian Lace Closure. After wearing it in its natural color I usually opt for color for a new look.

I followed Peakmill's Video and I love that she always makes things seem so easy. I searched in every store and couldn't find the exact hair dye she used where I live and that is why I ended up using:
  • L'oreal Excellence Hicolor Highlights Red Hot 
  • Clairol BW2 Bleach
  • 30 Developer
I was hoping I would not have to use bleach so I was excited to use the L'oreal Excellence Hi Color Highlights thinking it was going turn my hair from black to red in one step. I was really disappointed with the results. It did not work at all, it tinted the hair a tiny bit but the color was not noticeable at all. So what I did was use the BW2 Bleach and a 30 developer and i left it on and kept watching until I got the color I want.
Here are my results.... I LOOOVE IT!! The quality of this hair is awesome. As you can see from the picture it looks as good as new.

The hair looks much lighter when I am outside. 

Have a wonderful week :)

Sunday, 4 November 2012

DIY: Fix Overbleached Knots on a Lace Closure

This is thesame closure I have had since March 2012. See my initial post HERE. The closure is still in great condition, the lace is still intact. I have worn it with straight & wavy hair. It is very versatile,straightens/curls easily and it barely sheds even 7 months later. I finally decided to bleach the knots. Yes I decided to bleach the knots of my closure 7 months after I got it and have been wearing it.
I have seen many videos on Youtube on how to bleach knots but I was still hesitant about trying it out myself. I bleached the knots and guess what... the knots were overbleached and it came out brassy.
See for yourself :(

So I went back to Youtube to search for ways to fix overbleached knots on a closure. This is the video I used to correct my closure:

My Closure after I fixed the overbleached knots:

Before                                         After 

A much easier and super quick solution is to use Colorful Red Out Shampoo Treatment. I would have tried this method but I could not find the product anywhere in my area. If you can find it where you live then this is a faster method. It is also available online HERE

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