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Hair Crush: Solange Knowles 2012 MET Gala

My Kinky Hair obsession has hit a new high. I need this hair in my life NOW!! Solange Knowles was hair to toe perfection at the 2012 MET Gala.

I  have been watching kinky hair reviews on Youtube because I want to choose the right lengths. Kinky Curly Hair tends to appear shorter since the hair is measured before the hair is processed to the Kinky Curl.
My favorite Kinky Curly Hair Youtube Reviews: ONYC Mongolian Kinky Curly (Peakmill) ONYC Mongolian Kinky Curly (Luvtheskinurin)

Au Naturale: My Staple Products For Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural

My Decision To Transition
I have been relaxed for 9 years. Since I started getting relaxers, I would relax my hair every 4-6 months (2-3 times a year). I thought long and hard for a year before deciding to transition because I wanted to make sure I had enough information before I took the plunge. 
My main reason for going natural is that my hair has gotten thinner over the years and I want my kinky healthy full hair back. First things first, I need a game plan so I am currently building a regimen and a list of products I will be using. 
Two websites have been especially helpful and both have Youtube Channels as well: and

Where I am Today 
I am almost 5 months post relaxer and I recently did a chop. I cut off about 10 inches of my hair. I am still getting used to the process of transitioning so I am no expert by any means.The products below have made the process much easier for me.
Distilled WaterVirgin Coconut OilVegetable GlycerinRaw Shea ButterH…