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Product Rave: Argan Oil

Argan Oil is the The brand I use is One n' Only Argan Oil.
This is the only product you need to use on your Virgin/Remy Hair Extensions. It leaves your hair smooth and frizz free. I previously used John Frieda's Frizz ease on my extensions but it did nothing for me and my extensions would still get frizzy. Argan Oil also works great my own hair. I love finding products that work effectively on my extensions and my real hair. This is definitely a product that does. The bottle is small but it  lasts long. A little goes a long way and I use a dime size each time I use it.

I bought mine at Sally's Beauty Supply for $13.19 CAD (excluding tax). You can find it online on Ebay or Amazon.

Hope you dolls are having a fab holiday xoxo

Spotlight: Lacefront Wigs

I have a pet peeve for horrible hairlines courtesy Lacefront Wigs. Wearing lacefront wigs is hard and even celebrities get it wrong.  Bottom line is, you do not want to look like you are wearing a helmet.
Prior to jumping on the " Remy and Virgin Hair" bandwagon, I wore a lot of synthetic lacefront wigs and this past summer, i wore a Brazilian Remy lacefront wig so everything I say is simply from my own experience or from what I have observed. The purpose of this post is not to offend anyone.

 Lacefront Wigs: Donts
DO NOTglue down your lacefront wig.  I have seen people wear their lacefront wigs and the residue of the glue is still visible along the hairline. A lot of people use glue but I wouldn't recommend it just because I worry about the long term effect the use of glue could have on your hairline.
DO NOTwear the wig way in front of your natural hairline, this will create a very unnatural looking hairline and that helmet look you do not want.

What I used to do: I would …

Hair Debate: Does Brazilian Hair Really Exist?

Here's a funny pic someone sent to me on BBM last week.

There has been a lot of debate on black hair forums, Youtube etc. on the origin of Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions.Brazilian hair is probably the most sought after type of hair for African (American) women. This is because the texture blends well with the texture of  African (American) hair.

So the debate is on the true origin of Brazilian Hair. A lot of people would argue that "Brazilian Hair" is not from Brazil. Some argue that it is originally Chinese/Indian hair that is processed to a texture that is then referred to as "Brazilian Hair".

Where do I stand on this debate?
Real Brazilian Hair does exist, but it is very pricey. What I am sure of is that it is probably not available in mass quantities like Indian Hair. We all know that there is a large number of consumers of Brazilian Hair and a equally increasing number of companies selling Brazilian Hair. So it is pretty obvious that not all " Brazil…

Final Update: My Brazilian Hair 3/4 Wig

I got a fresh relaxer on December 14th and I re-installed the 3/4 Wig on December 17th. I only relax my new growth/roots so only my roots are bone straight.
I complained in the previous post that this hair is silkier than my previous Brazilian hair extensions but the hair when curled does not appear silky at all. People actually think it is my hair.... when I say people I mean people who know I wear extensions and have also seen my real hair. The length is very believable and the volume looks natural.

Next post will be on my Holiday Hair. I want the bombshell look for Christmas & New Year so think longer, more voluminous hair... I am too excited!

Have a great week y'all :)

DIY: First Look at My Brazilian 3/4 Wig

I know what y'all are thinking and the answer is YES!! I am a Weave-A-Holic.

I had some free time on my hands yesterday.. it was my day off and while I was organizing my storage, I found two unused bundles of Virgin Brazilian Hair 16 inches . One bundle was a Brazilian Body Wave (Natural Black) and the other bundle was straight with a slight wave (Natural dark brown). I decided to make a 3/4 Wig with the two random bundles. When I started thinking about switching to Brazilian hair, I ordered samples from different companies and the two bundles are most likely samples from different sellers.

I used the natural dark brown bundle on the bottom and the natural black bundle on top and this created a very subtle Ombre effect which is hard to see in the pictures :(
I was so eager to make the wig that I forgot take a picture of the bundles prior making the 3/4 wig and I finished the wig in a  little over two hours. I am getting pretty good at this :) I am never going back to sew ins... ev…

Ebay Haul

Can't believe it is December already. This year went by super fast!! I am really behind on my Christmas shopping and I have to get a move on asap.
I have been doing a lot of random searching on Ebay to find some things I couldn't find elsewhere online or in stores. Below are the items from my recent Ebay Haul.  ** All the sellers ship Worldwide so you can purchase the items from anywhere in the world **
If you want anything, anything at all, you can probably find it on Ebay.. the selection is craaazyyy!! 

1. Thermal Cap

I bought this because I have wanted a deep conditioning cap for as long as I can remember but I was a bit eerie about buying one that needed to be plugged in so I am glad I found this alternative. I hope it works!!
Buy it Here

2. Big Bendy Rollers

I need Big Bendy Rollers for more voluminous curls. The ones I have currently are smaller sized.
Buy It Here
3.Satin Sleep Cap

This is another item I wanted that is way overpriced in stores in my area. Satin sleep caps ar…