Friday, 5 October 2012

Angela Simmons Inspired Hairstyle Using Indian Remy Deep Wave Hair

I put my new hair in a week ago. I normally use 3 bundles (300g) of hair with or without a closure and my signature lengths are usually 16,18 and 20.For this hairstyle, I used 4 bundles (400g) of hair & a closure. I was trying to achieve a similar look to Angela Simmons in her "Bikini" hair for Indique. This hair is everything, look at it!! To achieve her exact look, you will definitely need way more than 400g of hair.

I used 16,18,20 and 22 inches of Indian deep wave hair and a 12 inch Brazilian deep wave closure. This is my biggest install yet. The closure and hair extensions match perfectly.

First look: no products at all, no styling.
I made this wig using the new U-part lace wig cap I talked about in my Previous Post.I absolutely love it because my scalp doesn't itch at all. I had to sew the tracks very close together to fit all 4 bundles and the closure onto the cap. I have to give it to those who wear 600g and more, I have no idea how they do it?!
The only thing I would change is that I would have gotten a longer closure.

I wore this hair for 3 months. I have never had the patience to straighten my wavy/curly hair but with this hair I was determined to try it at least once. It was time consuming but I did it. I wore this hair in so many styles; natural state, curled with a remington curling wand, straightened and curled with bendy rollers etc.
The hair in a tamer state when sprayed with water + conditioner.
I curl wanded my hair lightly at the top for a different look. 
Hair straightened with a flat iron.
Week Old brushed out wand curls
I enjoyed wearing this hair for the most part. My complaint was that the closure would get so poofy and frizzy sometimes, no matter how many times I deep conditioned it, it just wouldn't co-operate. Another thing I learnt after wearing this hair was that I prefer freestyle lace closures to closures that come with a part. The closure I used for this hairstyle was a middle part closure. I feel closures that come with a part can look unrealistic because the part is too perfect. I also felt the part on this closure was a teeny bit too wide which made it look like a invisible part.So from now on, I will only purchase freestyle closures so I can pluck the part myself to make sure it looks more realistic.

That's all folks :) 

Best Cap for making U-Part Wigs & Full Wigs

I have always used black spandex swim caps to make my U-part wigs/full wigs but i have been dissatisfied with the cap in recent months because my hair underneath gets very itchy. I know many others swear by this cap but it has has no ventilation so my hair cannot breathe. I looked for an alternative and I found a mesh lace wig making cap. The cap is great for those who are beginners because the U-part is already built in, you can choose a cap with a middle part or side part or you can choose a cap to make a Full Wig (with a lace closure in front). The caps have adjustable straps at the back.

Since I started using this cap, i experience NO itching at all... none. I am amazed at what a difference it makes. I get them from eBay, search "mesh lace wig cap". Definitely a must have.

My next post will be a show and tell on my new hair. I am very excited to show you because I will be using 4 bundles for the first time ever with a closure. 

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