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Show & Tell : Virgin Filipino Straight Hair

I am a wavy hair addict, the last time i wore straight hair extensions was 4 years ago. I finally decided to purchase Filipino straight hair after going back and forth between Indian Kinky Curly vs. Filipino Straight.
First Impressions
This hair is super soft, like buttery soft and there is no wierd smell that Virgin Hair sometimes has. I got 3 bundles of hair as usual : 12", 14" and 18". Concerning the length... it is true to length/maybe even longer. My 18 inch bundle looks more like a 20 inch bundle :) :)
I will seal my wefts for sure because I got a few strands when I was running my hands through the bundles.*sigh* sealing wefts is time consuming but worth it.

The hair will be used to  make a 3/4 wig because it is important to see how the Filipino Hair blends with my real hair. But when I receive the lace closure, I will sew it to the crown area of my 3/4 wig so i can give my hair a break.
Have a wonderful day dolls :)

How To: Wear Lace Closures (No Glue Methods)

Do you ever get tired of leaving your hair out to blend it with your weave? I do! I get tired of combing, straightening and curling my leave out and I want to give my hair a break. But on the other hand it is always nice to have to have some sort of a part, unless I am doing a full bang weave like this:

 I tried the invisible part method last year after seeing Youtube videos and never again will I do it. Applying glue to your hair is a NO under all circumstances. Please do not apply glue to your hair! Instead you can use a closure. A top closure is a top piece that is added to the to the crown of your head to give the illusion of a natural part.

I have known about the existence of closures for a while now but they never appealed to me because I would always see people glue it on and I have a NO GLUE RULE.
Recently I came across two Youtube videos that show how to wear closures with  no glue at all. 
This is how to sew on a closure
Another option is to wear it using the elastic band method. …

DIY: Ombre Hair Using Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions

This post is long overdue.. (understatement of the year :P)
My Inspirations:

What I used: Vol. 20 developer Garnier Belle Color  (73 Dark Golden Blonde) Lifting the color of Virgin Hair was way harder than I thought... you need a lot of patience if you do not use bleach. I think it took so long because I used a vol 20 developer. If you want to speed up the process use a vol 30 or vol 40 developer.
The quality of the hair was not affected by the dye. I made sure i deep conditioned the hair after to prevent dryness. I am happy I finally did it after months of procrastination. The only thing i wish is that the tips were a little lighter so I may attempt to make the tips a little lighter.. blonder. I am ready to move on to my next hair so I'm not sure that is going to happen.

Have a wonderful week :)

DIY: 3/4 Wig Using Indian Remy Kinky Curly Hair

I made a Kinky Curky 3/4 Wig for my friend this past weekend. She purchased 3 bundles: 16,18 and 20 inches in a Color 1B. The length looks shorter because with Kinky Curly hair the length is measured while the hair is straight. So when the hair is processed to the kinky texture, it appears shorter. Keep this in mind if you want to purchase Kinky Curly Hair. The hair is so soft and the texture is mix of curls and ringlets.
She is relaxed and her hair is not blended with the wig yet.

We were both pleased with the final results. So there you have it folks... My first 3/4 Wig made for someone else :)