Sunday, 26 February 2012

How To: Wear Lace Closures (No Glue Methods)

Do you ever get tired of leaving your hair out to blend it with your weave? I do! I get tired of combing, straightening and curling my leave out and I want to give my hair a break. But on the other hand it is always nice to have to have some sort of a part, unless I am doing a full bang weave like this:

 I tried the invisible part method last year after seeing Youtube videos and never again will I do it. Applying glue to your hair is a NO under all circumstances. Please do not apply glue to your hair! Instead you can use a closure. A top closure is a top piece that is added to the to the crown of your head to give the illusion of a natural part.

I have known about the existence of closures for a while now but they never appealed to me because I would always see people glue it on and I have a NO GLUE RULE.
Recently I came across two Youtube videos that show how to wear closures with  no glue at all. 
This is how to sew on a closure

Another option is to wear it using the elastic band method.
The elastic band method is so genius... great method for those cannot do cornrows or sew hair.

I will be purchasing a lace closure with my next hair so I can try out both methods for myself. I hope this post helped someone.
Have a wonderful week :)


  1. I hate putting glue in my hair! This is the perfect hairstyle for the summer because it gets hot and you don't wanna have to keep applying heat to your hair in order to keep it straight. Love your blog girl! Thanks for sharing the tips


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