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FAQs on Hair Extensions

All these questions relate to Virgin or Remy Hair Extensions includes all types e.g. Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian,Chinese, Malaysian, Mongolian etc.
P.S: I am not an expert, i am speaking from my own personal experience and based on research.

Do Hair Extensions Shed? Yes Yes Yes!  ALL HAIR SHEDS. Both Real Hair and Hair Extensions. You have to find extensions that have very minimal shedding. The best way to eliminate shedding is to seal your wefts.
Do Hair Extensions Tangle? If you buy good quality hair extensions, you will experience no tangling with proper maintenance. If you get longer lengths there may be some tangling at the nape. And even if you do experience minor tangling, brush it out (from root to tip) with a wide toothed comb.
How often should I wash my Hair Extensions? There is no right answer for this question. I personally condition my weave once a week. You can wash your extensions more or less often as you wish. Do remember that the hair can get weighed down with the use of…