Sunday, 3 July 2011

FAQs on Hair Extensions

All these questions relate to Virgin or Remy Hair Extensions includes all types e.g. Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian,Chinese, Malaysian, Mongolian etc.
P.S: I am not an expert, i am speaking from my own personal experience and based on research.

Do Hair Extensions Shed?
Yes Yes Yes!  ALL HAIR SHEDS. Both Real Hair and Hair Extensions. You have to find extensions that have very minimal shedding. The best way to eliminate shedding is to seal your wefts.

Do Hair Extensions Tangle?
If you buy good quality hair extensions, you will experience no tangling with proper maintenance. If you get longer lengths there may be some tangling at the nape. And even if you do experience minor tangling, brush it out (from root to tip) with a wide toothed comb.

How often should I wash my Hair Extensions?
There is no right answer for this question. I personally condition my weave once a week. You can wash your extensions more or less often as you wish. Do remember that the hair can get weighed down with the use of excess products and when you shampoo and condition it, it returns to its former state. Most of the time, I wash the hair with only conditioner and no shampoo... this is called a co-wash (conditioner wash).. it leaves the hair clean and soft. Virgin hair tends to get dry and sometimes shampoo dries it out so I prefer using only conditioner.

Will I find Grey hairs in my Hair Extensions?
You may find a few grey hairs in the hair bundles.Well actually most of the time you will find some grey hair.

What does Virgin Hair Smell Like?
To be totally honest, Virgin Hair does not have the most pleasant smell. But you can rid of the smell by  co-washing it before you use it.

How many bundles is enough for a full head weave?
One bundle weighs 4oz (100g). Most hair extension retailers say 8oz or 200g is enough for a full head weave.I  think it depends on your personal preference. I like 3 bundles for my own weaves which gives me the fullness i like. You can use more than 3 depending on how full you like your hair.

How can I ensure that my hair extensions last long?
When you shampoo and condition your hair, let it air dry. Air drying prolongs the longevity of your extensions.
Also never sleep with wet hair and always comb the hair from root to tip with a wide tooth comb.

How can I curl my hair extensions without heat?
Bendy rollers!! Bendy rollers!!! Bendy rollers!!! 
They are very inexpensive, easy to use and you can find them everywhere.
They give you defined bouncy curls. I put mine in before I go to sleep and take them out in the morning. The less heat you use on your extensions, the longer they last.

If you have any additional questions, ask away in the comment section :)


  1. Thank you so much for this! I just got my first Brazilian hair! I'm excited!! Can you do one on proper care before you use the hair? Thank you!

  2. how many bendy rollers do you use for your whole head?

  3. I usually use 8-10 bendy rollers for my whole head.

  4. This Is Amazing I Got Ny Virgin Hair And Didnt Know How Often To Wash It thankyou


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