Saturday, 30 August 2014


I wore this kinky straight wig everyday from January- April.I turned it into a v-part wig and left very little of my own hair out.

  • It sheds A LOT... clumps of hair come out at a time especially when washed.
  • It tangles. Best way to minimize the tangling is do regular deep conditions. 
  • I NEVER had to apply heat to my leave out to blend. Easiest blending ever. I have type 4b/4c hair (I was 9 months post relaxer in April).
  • Holds curls well when it is curled in its natural state. 
  • Really versatile.. you can do so much with this hair styling wise. 
I  wore this hair curled 95% of the time. Unfortunately I did not flat iron it.. I did not have the patience. I apologize for the lackluster pictures, I promise to up my picture game in future posts.

Natural State (no heat applied at all, washed & air dried) before i turned it into a v-part wig

Curled With Big Bendy Rollers 
My part is not as defined because this was at the end of my dayConsidering it was winter (snowy/windy conditions) this hair held up very well all day.
Curling Wand  Curls

Combed out week old wand curls  
My final verdict is that this was a good tester unit to try this texture out without having to splurge.This texture is going on my list of must have hair extensions due to how effortlessly it blends with my own hair. You will not understand the hype about straight textured hair extensions until you try it for yourself. I will be investing in some wefts for sure. If I can find kinky straight, coarse yaki or italian yaki wefts with minimal shedding and tangling.. my hair life will be made!! 

I have been wearing braids and twists as protective since May and will continue until the end of the year.

Hope you all had a wonderful summer :)

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