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I wore this kinky straight wig everyday from January- April.I turned it into a v-part wig and left very little of my own hair out.

It sheds A LOT... clumps of hair come out at a time especially when washed.It tangles. Best way to minimize the tangling is do regular deep conditions. PROS
I NEVER had to apply heat to my leave out to blend. Easiest blending ever. I have type 4b/4c hair (I was 9 months post relaxer in April).Holds curls well when it is curled in its natural state. Really versatile.. you can do so much with this hair styling wise.  I  wore this hair curled 95% of the time. Unfortunately I did not flat iron it.. I did not have the patience. I apologize for the lackluster pictures, I promise to up my picture game in future posts.

Natural State (no heat applied at all, washed & air dried) before i turned it into a v-part wig

Curled With Big Bendy Rollers 
Curling Wand  Curls

Combed out week old wand curls   My final verdict is that this was a good tester unit to try this tex…