Saturday, 12 November 2016

First Lace Frontal Wig + The Truth about Got2b Gel

I was hesitant to try a lace frontal because I was terrified of the line of demarcation. I wanted to do a 4 month protective style challenge with none of my hair left out so I finally got one. I decided to get a lace frontal wig cap because all you have to do is sew in your bundles and viola you are done!

I decided to try Light Yaki which resembles relaxed hair. I got a 12" lace frontal wig cap and 3 bundles of 12" Light Yaki Hair. The bundles were black and the hair on the lace frontal was brown so I had to dye it. I also bleached the knots on the lace frontal.

Pros of lace frontal wig cap:
1)Wig making is easy and faster.

Cons of lace frontal wig cap:
1) Size; it was too big for my head so I cut a part off on both sides of my ears so it fits better.
2) Less parting room unlike a regular lace frontal.

Styling my Frontal
The first day I wore my lace frontal wig I was so conscious because I felt everyone could see the line of demarcation. With time, i became better at applying the lace frontal using Got2b Ultra Glued and the blasting freeze spray.

The gel makes your wig lay flat. I have an elastic band attached to my wig but with that alone, it does not lay as flat. I recommend using Got2b gel unless your frontal is sewn down. This gel is truly the lace frontal savior.

Got2b Gel Claims
1) You get up to 3 days hold with this gel and spray. This is kind of true. Using both the gel and freeze spray i got several days hold but i had to do small touch ups on some areas of my frontal. This claim only holds true if you keep water away from your hairline.

2)You need both the gel and the spray. No! The gel on its own provides good hold but using the gel + spray gives a stronger hold. I do not recommend wearing this for days on end without washing it off. I only use the gel+freeze spray together on special occasions or when i go on an overnight trip.

How I apply Got2b Gel + Freeze Spray
I apply a thin layer of the gel on my hairline (optional: followed by the freeze spray) wait for a minute then i apply my wig .Try not to touch the gel with your fingers, i use the back of a comb to press the lace down into the gel. Finally, tie it down with a satin scarf.  The key to getting it to stick is to TIE IT DOWN for at least 10-15 mins.

The Truth about Got2b Ultra Glued Gel

  • Applying and washing off the gel daily is messy and leaves a residue on the lace.
  • The gel is not waterproof, so if you work out, sweat or it rains your frontal will lift. The gel is better suited for a cooler climate. It will not hold in summer and i do not recommend it for vacation if you intend on swimming or visit somewhere tropical.
  • The gel is clear but if you use too much it can appear shiny and the freeze spray can leave a white residue if you use too much.

  • The Truth about Lace Frontals
    • Lace frontals look flawless on instagram pictures  and YouTube videos, but in reality you have to put in ALOT of work to hide the line of demarcation. 
    • Frontals are high maintenance & better for special occasions not everyday wear. Lace closures are much more low maintenance and suitable for every day wear.
    • You need some baby hair to hide the line of demarcation but not long excessive gelled down baby hairs. 
    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

    Saturday, 15 October 2016

    Coily Clip in Extensions for Type 4 Natural Hair

    I am currently obsessed with natural textured clip ins. After wearing kinky straight clip ins daily for 5 months, I had to add kinky curly clip ins to my collection. Clip ins have helped make my natural hair journey more blissful. With natural hair clip ins, i can experiment and do things to them that I would never do to my hair for fear of damaging my hair e.g. color, apply heat etc.

    I have type 4b/4c hair, 4b in my crown, 4c on my sides and nape. I got only one set to make sure the texture was a match with mine. Before you separate your clip ins make sure you wet them and add a moisturizing conditioner then separate the pieces and shampoo and deep condition. NEVER try to separate, comb or attempt to detangle curly hair when it is dry.
    These are by far the best extensions i have ever worn in terms of matching my own hair with , my kinky straight clip ins are a close second.
    One set 16" clip ins

    To blend, i twist my leave out, super easy!!

    Saturday, 4 June 2016

    Blend Natural Hair with Kinky Straight Extensions with NO HEAT!!

    I have always had an issue with applying heat to my hair. Now I am newly natural I would say my fear of heat is magnified because I do not want heat damage on the part of my hair I leave out.

    So although my transitioning hair blended flawlessly with kinky straight extensions without heat, my type 4 natural hair does not. I found a way to blend it without heat. I would not say the blending is 100% flawless but it is good enough considering no heat is used.

    Method 1: African threading
    Section your hair, wrap the thread around your hair. The closer the wrap, the more stretched your hair will be. I have worn this hair everyday for 2 weeks.The two pictures were taken a week apart:

    Week 1 shows how my hair blends with the hair when it is freshly washed and air dried.

    Week 2 shows how the hair looks later on in the second week. On that day I brushed the my hair with a paddle brush. It was a rainy windy day so my own hair got a little poofy but even then it still blended well.
    Week 1
    Week 2

    Method 2: Flat Twists
    When i do not thread my hair. I do two flat twists on  each side of my head and pin it back. This is my go to hairstyle, easy, fast and great for those days it is the raining and you know your hair will poof and frizz.
    I take my clip ins out everyday. I have only slept in them once (during an overnight trip). If you are going to sleep in them I suggest you un-clip the clips closest to your edges to avoid tension while you sleep.

    I am in love with this hair. The older it gets the more natural it looks. It is low maintenance, minimal shedding and tangling.
    No one has asked me if I am wearing a weave, they all think it is my hair. If you transitioning or natural and looking for a texture that is easy to blend with your hair this texture is perfect and so versatile.

    Saturday, 21 May 2016

    Kinky Straight Clip in Extensions for Natural Hair

    My love affair with Kinky Straight Hair Extensions started 2 years ago with my Kinky Straight Lace Front Wig . Since then no other straight texture compares. It blended perfectly with my hair when I was transitioning with no heat.  I just did my big chop 2 weeks ago after transitioning for 1 year and 2 months so I am 100% percent natural. I will probably have to blow dry my hair for it to blend flawlessly now.

    This is my first time trying clip ins. I watched a million Youtube videos on clip ins for natural hair and I finally took the plunge. I got kinky straight extensions in 14 inches. This texture looks like natural hair when it is blown out. 

    Before shampoo & condition            Closer look at the wefts & clips                  

    I have to dye the hair to a 1b color because it is a dark brown color. One fear I had with clip ins is that the clips would snag and get caught up in my hair. If you take your time putting them in and taking them out they do not snag.

    I got one set of clip ins which had 8 pieces and it gives me a natural density which I like.

    I know some people hate the crimps. I left the hair to air dry after washing it. To get rid of the crimps, instead of letting it air dry, blow dry. If you want more sleekness, follow with a flat iron.

    If you want this texture check out companies like Big Chop Hair, Kinky Curly Yaki, My Natural Hair Extensions, Her Given Hair etc. 

    Next post will be my an initial review and how to blend your hair without heat.

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