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Craving Curls For Fall

I have serious commitment issues when it comes to purchasing hair; which is why I haven't purchased new hair in 2013. Curly hair has been on my wishlist all year but the weather is getting colder and I hear curly hair is harder to maintain during colder months. My hair motto is "when in doubt, get body wave hair", but as much as I like the low maintenance aspect of body wave hair, it would not satisfy my current curl craving.
I saw the gorgeous Fabulasityisme on Youtube wearing a wavy curly texture..!!This texture will definitely give me my curly hair fix and doesn't look too high maintenance.

Other things on my wishlist:

1) Blow Dryer with a Diffuser attachment
Can you believe I haven't used a blow dryer in over 7 years?! Not even on my own natural hair. I am very anti-heat. But now I want one with a diffuser attachment because it gives you frizz free defined curls/waves.

2) 3Part Lace Closure
I need to try this closure out to find out if the days of having to p…