Wednesday, 29 January 2014


I tried to make my kinky lace front wig work as a lace front but I did not like how it looked. Luckily, I discovered that you can turn your Lace front wig into a U-Part or V-Part Wig. This allows you to wear a bit of your own hair out for a more realistic look. I like it so much more this way.

I will have a 1 month detailed update on my kinky straight wig soon. 

Saturday, 18 January 2014


I have not worn this wig out and will not wear it out until i thin and layer it. I did not do any blending or styling, the picture shows the wig in its natural unaltered glory. I feel it is too much hair and it overwhelms my face. I also wish I bought a 14 or 16 inch, i did not expect the 18 inches to be so long.
Purchased HERE
The wig in its natural state. All I did was shampoo, condition and air dry. I put it on just for the picture no styling whatsoever. Excuse my deer in the headlights expression lol 
  1. Beautiful texture. Matches my own hair perfectly (I am 6 months post relaxer).
  2. Color matches my own hair. Also the color did not run excessively when I shampooed and conditioned the wig.
  3. True to length.
  4. True to the picture on aliexpress.
  1. It shed excessively when i washed it. It sheds when you finger comb. It sheds a lot!
  2. The wig is too thick especially around the hairline.
Now my issue is I do not know how to thin or layer wigs. I will be on Youtube all day today trying to find some helpful tips. Hope I can successfully thin and layer it without ruining it.

Thursday, 16 January 2014


I received the kinky straight lace front wig that I purchased from aliexpress today, about a week and a half after I placed my order. Communication with them was satisfactory, I made a request for a lighter density because I did not want the normal 130% density and also asked for combs. Only one of my requests was granted; the wig came with combs but they sent me 130% density. I am overwhelmed by this hair.. it is way too full.

First impressions before shampooing and conditioning the wig
  • It has a strong processed smell. 
  • It is true to length.
  • It is quite soft. I like the texture, it really looks like blown out African American Hair. I am also happy I got a Color 1, it is the same color as my own hair.
  • It is way too full and definitely not wearable out of the pack. I have no experience thinning out or layering wigs so I am very worried. 
  • It has about 3 inch lace parting in front. When you part the wig, the part is not very visible because of how dense it is, so i will need to tweeze the part.
Pictures Straight Out of the Pack: 

After I took pictures, I wet it and once the hair got wet it tangled. When shampooing, I used my fingers to distribute the shampoo throughout,  it shed a lot. After I rinsed off the shampoo, applied a moisturizing conditioner and used a wide tooth comb to comb through, clumps of hair came out. Things are off to a rough start with this wig. I am going to deep condition it overnight and rinse the conditioner off in the morning.

I should have a new post of me wearing the wig in the next few days. If you have any other questions about the wig, please post them in the comment section below.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


I used to wear synthetic lace front wigs years ago before I started wearing Virgin hair extensions and I am not fond of them at all because the hairline does not look realistic without me leaving some hair out. Fast forward 3 years later...ask me why I just purchased a new lace front wig?! Well I really want to invest in hair extensions that resemble Natural African American hair but good quality wefted hair in this texture is quite the investment. So I figured a more affordable purchase would allow me decide if this texture is worth the splurge. This is my first aliexpress hair purchase.
Purchased HERE
I saw two Youtube reviews on this wig before I  decided to purchase it:

My Wig Specs
  • Color 1
  • 18 inches
  • 3 inch lace front parting
  • Medium Cap
  • Medium Brown Lace
  • 130%  Density
The density is one thing I am really concerned about because I have no experience thinning out wigs. I requested a lighter density and I hope they grant my request *fingers crossed* 130% density is way too much for this texture imo.

I will do a detailed show & tell post once I receive the wig.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone has a fantastic year :)

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