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Hair Crush : Keke Palmer & Jada Pinkett

I have noticed more women wearing shorter hair extensions; hair that falls just below the shoulders. I like this length especially for spring /summer.

I am obsessed with Keke Palmer's current hairstyle. I need and I want NOW!! I like the texture, length and fullness.

I also like Jada Pinkett's current hairstyle. I think this look can be achieved with any type of virgin body wave hair e.g. Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian etc.
Spring is almost here and I plan to put my Virgin Mongolian Kinky hair back in sometime in the coming months.
I haven't purchased new hair in 2013 which is so unlike me. I have enjoyed wearing my Virgin Filipino Hair. and it will be a tough act to follow. I think that every time you purchase new hair, it should be better than your last purchase since you learn a lot with each type of hair. I cannot wait for find the hair that would give my Virgin Filipino Hair a run for it's money :p

Have a wonderful week x

My Transitioning Story

I haven't posted in a long time because I have been so frustrated with the condition of my own hair.  I can honestly say now that I decided to transition for the wrong reasons. I saw others doing it,  I love the way natural hair looks and I wanted to be on #teamnatural. But I have decided transitioning is not for me and that is perfectly fine. I felt like a failure at first because I have heard fairy tale transitioning stories and I wanted that for myself but it did not happen.

 Almost a year into transitioning , I was so frustrated with trying to take care of two different textures. Transitioning is a very emotional process and it took a toll on me. One day I decided after a lot of tears, I was at my wits end and I decided to relax my hair thinking that would instantly solve my problem and boy was I wrong. My hair was breaking excessively especially at the ends and chunks of hair would come out each time I attempted to moisturize my hair or touch my hair.

Right now I have a stric…