Saturday, 9 March 2013

My Transitioning Story

I haven't posted in a long time because I have been so frustrated with the condition of my own hair.  I can honestly say now that I decided to transition for the wrong reasons. I saw others doing it,  I love the way natural hair looks and I wanted to be on #teamnatural. But I have decided transitioning is not for me and that is perfectly fine. I felt like a failure at first because I have heard fairy tale transitioning stories and I wanted that for myself but it did not happen.

 Almost a year into transitioning , I was so frustrated with trying to take care of two different textures. Transitioning is a very emotional process and it took a toll on me. One day I decided after a lot of tears, I was at my wits end and I decided to relax my hair thinking that would instantly solve my problem and boy was I wrong. My hair was breaking excessively especially at the ends and chunks of hair would come out each time I attempted to moisturize my hair or touch my hair.

Right now I have a strict hair regimen.  I also bought something I have always wanted; a heat cap. The advantage of a heat cap is that it helps infuse conditioners deeper into cuticles. I love wearing extensions but I love wearing extensions knowing that my own hair is in great condition. I am on my way back to having hair that I can be proud of like I once was. No matter how bad the condition of your own hair is, know that you can always restore health to your hair. It takes time and diligence but it is possible :)

Tyche Pro Conditioning Heat Cap. You can buy it on Amazon, eBay or here
I will provide details on my hair regimen & a review on the Tyche heat cap in a future post. It feels good to be back and I cannot wait to share my 2013 hair wishlist with you.

Stay tuned x


  1. Yea I totally understand how you must have felt. It gets so annoying and frustrating, it takes a strong will not to coat my hair in relaxer at that point. Am currently transitioning and hope to cut the rest of the damaged hair by September 2013 when my transition is exactly one year.

  2. Thanks for your comment and congratulations on being natural for almost a year :)


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