Saturday, 12 November 2016

DIY: My first Lace Frontal Wig + Got2b Ultra Glued & Freeze Spray Review

It took me a long time to try a lace frontal because I was terrified of the line of demarcation. I wanted a 4 month protective style with none of my hair left out so i finally got one. I decided to get a lace frontal wig cap because all you have to do is sew on your bundles.

I decided to try Light Yaki which resembles relaxed hair. I got a 12" lace frontal wig cap and 3 bundles of 12" Light Yaki Hair. The bundles were black and the hair on the lace frontal was brown so I had to dye it. I also bleached the knots on the lace frontal.

Pros of lace frontal wig cap:
1)Wig making is easy and faster.

Cons of lace frontal wig cap:
1) Size; it was too big for my head so I cut a part off on both sides of my ears so it fits better.
2) Less parting room unlike a regular lace frontal.

Styling my Frontal
The first day I wore my lace frontal wig I was so conscious because I felt everyone could see the line of demarcation. With time, i became better at applying the lace frontal using Got2b Ultra Glued and the blasting freeze spray.

 The gel makes your wig lay flat. I have an elastic band attached to my wig but with that alone, it does not lay as flat. I recommend using Got2b gel unless your frontal is sewn down. This gel is truly the lace frontal savior.

Got2b Gel Claims
1) You get up to 3 days hold with this gel and spray. This is kind of true. Using both the gel and freeze spray i got several days hold but i had to do small touch ups on some areas of my frontal.

2)You need both the gel and the spray. No! The gel on its own provides good hold but using the gel + spray gives a stronger hold. I do not recommend wearing this for days on end without washing it off. I wash off everyday or at most every 2 days. I only use the gel+freeze spray together on special occasions or when i go on an overnight trip.

How I apply Got2b Gel + Freeze Spray
1) I apply a thin layer of the gel on my hairline, wait for a minute then i apply my wig and tie it down with a satin scarf. The key to getting it to stick, TIE IT DOWN for at least 10 mins.

The truth about Lace frontals
  • Lace frontals look flawless on instagram and YouTube, but in reality you have to put in work to hide the line of demarcation.
  • Washing off the gel daily is messy and leaves on the lace after you take it off.
  • Frontals are higher maintenance & better for special occasions not everyday wear.
  • You need some baby hair to hide the line of demarcation but not long excessive gelled down baby hairs. 
  • The gel is not waterproof so if you work out, sweat or it rains your lace will lift in a few areas.
  • The gel is clear but if you use too much it can appear shiny and the freeze spray can leave a white residue.
I am going to wear my wig for 2 more months and then i will provide my final verdict on Lace Frontals.

 Stay blessed :)
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