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My Fall/Winter/Autumn Wishlist

Summer is officially over : (
I made a wishlist of things I want for the colder seasons. My fall/autumn/winter wardrobe is usually made up of sweater dresses, turtlenecks, jeans and boots. This year I intend to incorporate more skirts, dresses etc. and take a few more risks.

All my shopping will be done online and as I cross an item off my list, I will provide the links so you can purchase them if you want to.

I am also considering opening my own webshop where all the items can be purchased from directly! Will keep you updated on that thought :)

1) Faux Fur Vests
I intend to buy at least two faux fur vests. I wanted them last winter but did not find any that were within my budget in stores last winter. They are versatile and can be worn with pants, dresses skirts etc. I want vests that preferably come with a belt so i can wear it with or without the belt. I want the celeb look but for much le$$. So stay tuned for my finds in the coming weeks!!

2) Combat Boots
I never thought i could roc…