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Lust List: Coarse Yaki Hair

Straight textured hair that mimics natural black hair e.g. kinky straight, coarse yaki etc. are not new but they are becoming more popular.  The appeal of textures like these is that your hair will blend with it.This was the first video that caught my attention:

I am currently 4 months post relaxer so the Coarse Yaki should be a good texture for me. I do not like putting too much time into blending my hair with weaves which is why I wear closures. This texture would match my hair well without me having to do much. I also think it will be quite low maintenance. I have had my eye on this texture for a while but this week I was convinced it deserved a spot on my lust list when I saw this:

Look at the texture... Gorg!! I am on the Coarse Yaki bandwagon. Are you?

My Top 5 Youtube Hair Gurus

If you are new to Youtube, there are so many videos and "gurus" and it can get a bit overwhelming trying to figure out who to subscribe to. So I put together a list of my Top Youtube Hair Gurus. There are so many more amazing people you can subscribe to on Youtube but I picked the five below because I learn new things from them and I am all about expanding my knowledge.

1) Peakmill
My favorite person on Youtube hands down!!. In my mind we are friends :p She is super talented as in there is nothing this girl cannot do. She is daring and experiments with a lot of different styles, colors etc. regardless her hair is always flawless. Her reviews are honest and her tutorials are detailed, easy to follow and understand. She inspired me to start making my own U-Part / Full Wigs.

2) Ivy Powell
Every time I watch ivy's hair tutorials I learn something new. She is very innovative and comes up with a lot of new ways to do sew ins, closures etc. She has worn some of the most amazing…