Saturday, 15 October 2016

The Best Kinky Curly Clip in Extensions for Natural Hair

I am obsessed with clip ins and after wearing kinky straight clip ins everyday for 5 months, I had to add curly clip ins to my collection. Clip ins have helped make my natural hair journey more blissful.

I have type 4 hair, 4a but mostly 4b in my crown, 4c on my sides and nape. I got only one set to make sure the texture was a match with mine.Before you separate your clip ins make sure you wet them and add a moisturizing conditioner then separate the pieces and shampoo and deep condition. NEVER try to separate, comb or attempt to detangle curly hair when it is dry.

These are by far the best extensions i have ever worn in terms of matching my own hair with , my kinky straight clip ins are a close second.
One set 16" clip ins

To blend, i twist my leave out, super easy!!

Update: I got a second set of clip ins in 18 inches. I am wearing all the 16 inches and a few pieces of the 18 inches so around 10 pieces in total. I did not really try to blend in this picture, i tried the clip ins out after i dyed them to check the color match. The back of my hair is braided and i have leave out only in front. 
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