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Get The Look : Angela Simmons in Virgos Lounge

Angela Simmons was spotted wearing a Virgos Lounge crop top with a matching pencil skirt. The look is completed with a Rachel Roy Clutch and Giuseppe Zanotti Wedges.
Virgos Lounge is having a mid season sale right now and the exact crop top and matching skirt are on sale  so grab it while you can.

This outfit is feminine & chic.. I love this look from hair to toe!

Original Look

My Recreation For my recreation the only difference is that I found a cheaper style clutch and wedges.

Virgos Lounge Crop Top£25.00 Virgos Lounge Skirt£35.00 Woven Pink Clutch $29.00 Beige Wedges£19.99

Show & Tell: Virgin Mongolian Kinky Curly Hair

I got my Virgin Mongolian Kinky Hair about a month ago but I have not had the time to do a post.
I got 2 bundles: 16 inches and 18 inches. I did not get a closure as previously planned, since I am transitioning I will attempt to blend my hair by doing braid outs/twist outs.
I split the wefts because I did it HERE and it made the wig appear fuller so I decided to do the same for my own hair. Splitting the weft is time consuming and if you do decide to split your wefts, you have to seal your wefts afterwards.

Next thing I have to do is co-wash the hair and when the hair is fully dried, I will seal my wefts.
This time I am going to make my wig a little differently since I want to have very little leave out. I will be attempting to make a wig with a sew-in invisible part in front so it looks like the hair is growing out of my scalp. Then I will sew combs onto the part area and the sides to attach the wig to my hair. Watch THIS for a better understanding of what I am talking about.

Indian Remy Kinky Curly Hair (4 month update) + My 1st Attempt at a Full Wig

If you remember from THIS post, I made a 3/4 Wig for my friend using Indian Remy Kinky Curly Hair. When I first made the wig 4 months ago, I used 3 bundles : 16 inches, 18 inches and 20 inches.

She brought the wig back to me because she wanted me to bring it back to life since she was having some problems taking care of the hair and also because she found it tiresome trying to blend her hair with the wig. So I offered to help her deep condition the wig, loosen the wig and make a brand new full wig instead of a 3/4 Wig. She wants to avoid the hassle of blending because she is relaxed.

You can see from the pictures above that from the first look of the hair, the curls look a little stiff. Even after the first installation, the curls still look somewhat stiff. This is because the hair was not co-washed.
When the hair is co-washed, the curls look more natural.

Making My 1st Full Wig
This will be my first attempt at making a full wig. I used only the 16 inch and 18 inch bundle to make the …