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My Thoughts:Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions

(Brazilian,Malaysian, Mongolian, Indian, Peruvian etc.) Hair Extensions are more popular than ever. They are everywhere and everyone is wearing them. I must confess that after i tried Brazilian Hair, I can never go back to synthetic hair/regular beauty supply hair. The difference in quality is very clear and there is something about the luster of the hair that makes it look gorgeous in pictures.

The Pros of this kind of extensions are that it lasts long and blends well with relaxed African (American) hair. It is also very lightweight.The cons are that it is can be very pricey (often overpriced), Remember price and quality are not necessarily proportional. The more expensive the hair is doesn't necessarily mean it is better quality!! 

Everything is best in moderation.. But I know some friends in the UK who install 6 bundles of hair that is 600g (24oz) of hair...(how do they manage to fit all that hair on their head?!?!). Don't feel pressured to purchase that much hair. 3 bundl…

Hair Trend: Ombre Hair

I wasn't so sure about this hair trend. I liked it on others but never thought I would want to try it myself. But after seeing Keke Palmer rock hers at the BET 2011 awards, I was convinced I had to try it out for myself. It is a trend that suits all skintones so it is definetely worth a try!!
I do not intend on going to a salon so I have been watching numerous youtube DIY videos. Here are some of my fave celebrity ombre hairstyles below. The exact look i wish to acheive is Camilla Alves' look in the last picture (J'adore!!!). I will be trying this on my Virgin Brazilian Hair extensions.
So what do you think of this hair trend ? Love it or Leave it?

Seethe results of my first attempt HERE