Thursday, 30 May 2013

Rave: Virgin Mongolian Kinky Curly Hair Re-installed (1 year Update)

I haven't purchased new hair extensions in 2013 because I wanted to re-use the Virgin Hair weaves I purchased last year so it is almost a year old yay :) I started wearing it again at the beginning of May.

I did not remake my wig.. because i was lazy, all I did was shampoo and deep condition the wig. I put the wig in a plastic bag for 3 hours, after 3 hours I finger detangled, combed through with a wide tooth comb (starting from the tips and working my way to the roots), rinsed with cold water and Viola it was good to go.
I wear this hair in two ways depending on what look I want: without products or I spray it with a mixture of water and conditioner, apply Argan Oil and scrunch for more curl definition.

Pictures of my Hair with no products at all:

Blending Pic:

When I sprayed it with a mix of (water + conditioner) and applied Argan Oil the hair was tamer and curls were more defined:
I love this hair!! It looks so natural and although I  am 2 months post relaxer, I leave a tiny bit of my edges out in front and it blends fairly well. So if you are natural, it will look like it is growing from your head. It is so soft and has a lot of movement. Perfect spring/summer hair!!

Why I love this hair?
  1. It looks very natural. I get so many compliments and people actually think it is my hair.
  2. It is very soft. Manageable shedding and tangling.
  3. Easy to blend relaxed hair if you have very minimal leave out. Versatile styling options.
  4. The curls look good even without the use of a curl defining product. 
Three Tips to keep your Kinky Curly Hair looking fabulous:
1) Co-wash often.
2) Spritz with water + conditioner every morning, apply Argan Oil and scrunch.
3) Most important: Do not finger comb or manipulate it in any way when it is drying or dry. If you do, your hair will get frizzy. Let it be and it will look fabulous all day.

What I did that I do not recommend?
 Do not split your wefts. I feel splitting your wefts makes the wefts weaker and leads to more shedding so I will not do this ever again!

What next?
Although the curls look amazing even without the use of a curl defining cream. I am looking to buy a curl defining cream but there are not many options where I live so I will be ordering from eBay or Amazon. I intend to purchase a Denman brush and a diffuser. I want to try so many different looks with this hair e.g twistouts etc

Which look do you prefer? With products or Without? Also if you know any curl defining creams you would recommend, please do so in the comment section. Thanks Dolls :)

P.S: I used two bundles; 16 and 18 inches

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