Saturday, 21 April 2012

How To Pick The Right Closure for a Natural Look

I wanted to do this post for those who do not know what a closure is, haven't worn a closure before or are considering purchasing a closure for the first time.
The most important thing is selecting the right closure density. The density refers to the thickness.Before wearing a closure, I was not aware that I could select the density. After doing some research, I found that you should select a density that is close to the density of your own hair to create a natural look.

Density Guide:
Light Density: 80-90%
Light-Medium Density: 100%
Medium Density: 110-120%
Medium-Heavy Density: 130-140%
Heavy Density: 150%
Extra Heavy Density: 180%
This picture is from
My current closure has a medium density of 120%. With my next closure purchase I will select a density that is close to the density of my own hair which is in the 80-100% range. I want the 80% density around the front and temples because my hair is less thick in those areas. So basically I would want the density to go from Light to Light-Medium.
If you choose a density that is too light, the closure may thin over time so think about that.Pick what is right for you depending on the density of your own hair.

This post is also for those who wear lacefront or full lace wigs.

Hope this was helpful.. if you have any questions/comments, leave them in the comment section :)

Friday, 20 April 2012

Brazilian Lace Closure + Ombre Hair Update & Transitioning

Hey dolls... so sorry I haven't posted in a while but I had to travel on very short notice. I had no time to re-install my Virgin Filipino Hair 3/4 Wig with my brazilian lace closure before my trip, so I am still wearing my brazilian lace closure with my Ombre Brazilian Hair 3/4 Wig.My closure is holding up great and I haven't had to replace the elastic bands since the bands have not loosened  at all. The closure still doesn't shed and it curls and straightens really well so I am still 100% happy with it. It is low maintenance and  has made transitioning much easier for me because I do not have to leave any of my hair out. If you are looking for how to give your hair a break or you are transitioning like me, I would highly recommend a closure.

My ombre Brazilian 3/4 Wig is still going strong. I have had this hair for 5 months and I still have very minimal shedding and no tangling except the occasional snag at the nape.

Update on My Own Hair
I am a little over 4 months post relaxer and I am transitioning. I took out my cornrows today to wash and condition my hair. Transitioning so far has been a little challenging because I have to deal with two different textures. My roots are growing out  and very coarse and my tips are relaxed so I have been trimming my tips weekly. I am not going to do a big chop.. or at least I am still undecided.

Enjoy your weekend dolls :)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Get The Look: Olivia Palermo High Top Sneakers

I decided to do a Olivia Palermo inspired look. She made high top sneakers look chic by pairing them with a blazer. Olivia is wearing Lanvin high top sneakers.When I was looking for mine, I wanted something edgy so I took a risk with the leopard print.

My Outfit Details
Blazer: Urban Planet (Old)
T-shirt: Bluenotes
Pants: Winners
 High Top Sneakers, Bag & Sunglasses: Aldo
Watch: Fossil
Rings: Ebay & Suzy Shier

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Rave + Review : Brazilian Lace Closure Elastic Band Method + Brazilian Ombre 3/4 Wig

The sew-in method was just okay for me but my cornrows became loose a few days later and I had to use bobby pins on the sides to make it lay flat (no bueno!). I have been wearing my closure with my Virgin Filipino Hair but for this post, I decided to wear the closure with my Brazilian 3/4 Ombre Wig to show how versatile the closure is. I was so impressed with how well the elastic band method works that i will not sew my closures down again. With the elastic band method, the closure lays super flatstays secure and best of all no hair is left out. 
I wore the closure with a side bang and curled my hair using a curling iron.

The scalp looks a little light because of the flash, it actually blends  perfectly.
 Closeup: See how flat the closure lays on my head

I love this closure!! If I had to rate it out of 10, I would give it a 9.5/10.
  • Doesn't shed.This may be because it is handmade (not sure?!)
  • Durable (when i was sewing down the closure i pulled so tight, i also installed, took it off and re-installed multiple times and the closure did not tear.) 
  • Versatile (I wore the closure with my Virgin Filipino Hair 3/4 wig and my Brazilian Hair 3/4 Wig).
  • Perfect length so no need for layering
  • I can wear it without bleaching the knots
  • Curls and straightens easily
  • Versatile parting & styling (Even though I requested a middle part closure I am still able to part the closure wherever I want).
  • It has the guard around the lace which is really helpful and guides you on where to sew & prevents the lace from getting damaged.
  • There are quite a few grey hairs. I used a tweezer to take out the grey strands that were visible. 
I am looking forward to my kinky curly hair purchase soon and I want to purchase a kinky curly closure to match with the hair. I actually wish I had tried a closure sooner, I am a closure convert because of this Brazilian lace closure :P

Next Post: Virgin Filipino Hair Straight & Curled with Brazilian Lace Closure (Elastic band method)

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