Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Rave + Review : Brazilian Lace Closure Elastic Band Method + Brazilian Ombre 3/4 Wig

The sew-in method was just okay for me but my cornrows became loose a few days later and I had to use bobby pins on the sides to make it lay flat (no bueno!). I have been wearing my closure with my Virgin Filipino Hair but for this post, I decided to wear the closure with my Brazilian 3/4 Ombre Wig to show how versatile the closure is. I was so impressed with how well the elastic band method works that i will not sew my closures down again. With the elastic band method, the closure lays super flatstays secure and best of all no hair is left out. 
I wore the closure with a side bang and curled my hair using a curling iron.

The scalp looks a little light because of the flash, it actually blends  perfectly.
 Closeup: See how flat the closure lays on my head

I love this closure!! If I had to rate it out of 10, I would give it a 9.5/10.
  • Doesn't shed.This may be because it is handmade (not sure?!)
  • Durable (when i was sewing down the closure i pulled so tight, i also installed, took it off and re-installed multiple times and the closure did not tear.) 
  • Versatile (I wore the closure with my Virgin Filipino Hair 3/4 wig and my Brazilian Hair 3/4 Wig).
  • Perfect length so no need for layering
  • I can wear it without bleaching the knots
  • Curls and straightens easily
  • Versatile parting & styling (Even though I requested a middle part closure I am still able to part the closure wherever I want).
  • It has the guard around the lace which is really helpful and guides you on where to sew & prevents the lace from getting damaged.
  • There are quite a few grey hairs. I used a tweezer to take out the grey strands that were visible. 
I am looking forward to my kinky curly hair purchase soon and I want to purchase a kinky curly closure to match with the hair. I actually wish I had tried a closure sooner, I am a closure convert because of this Brazilian lace closure :P

Next Post: Virgin Filipino Hair Straight & Curled with Brazilian Lace Closure (Elastic band method)


    1. I love the way your closure looks, I'm a newbie to the hair game and randomly came across your blog. Where did you buy this closure? if you don't mind me asking.

      Great blog girlie girl :)

    2. Thanks :)

      I got the closure for free to review. You can purchase it here:

    3. Very cute! Since you are using the closure do you find that you need to use less hair? I'm not sure if I still need 3 bundles. I don't like my hair bulky.

      1. Thank you:)
        I used 3 bundles even with my closure but I am sure you can use 2 bundles since you do not like your hair full. Especially if you are using lengths less than 18 inches, 2 bundles will be sufficient.

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