Saturday, 21 April 2012

How To Pick The Right Closure for a Natural Look

I wanted to do this post for those who do not know what a closure is, haven't worn a closure before or are considering purchasing a closure for the first time.
The most important thing is selecting the right closure density. The density refers to the thickness.Before wearing a closure, I was not aware that I could select the density. After doing some research, I found that you should select a density that is close to the density of your own hair to create a natural look.

Density Guide:
Light Density: 80-90%
Light-Medium Density: 100%
Medium Density: 110-120%
Medium-Heavy Density: 130-140%
Heavy Density: 150%
Extra Heavy Density: 180%
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My current closure has a medium density of 120%. With my next closure purchase I will select a density that is close to the density of my own hair which is in the 80-100% range. I want the 80% density around the front and temples because my hair is less thick in those areas. So basically I would want the density to go from Light to Light-Medium.
If you choose a density that is too light, the closure may thin over time so think about that.Pick what is right for you depending on the density of your own hair.

This post is also for those who wear lacefront or full lace wigs.

Hope this was helpful.. if you have any questions/comments, leave them in the comment section :)

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  1. Totally needed this, Verrrrrrrry helpful!


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