Monday, 7 May 2012

Au Naturale: My Staple Products For Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural

My Decision To Transition
I have been relaxed for 9 years. Since I started getting relaxers, I would relax my hair every 4-6 months (2-3 times a year). I thought long and hard for a year before deciding to transition because I wanted to make sure I had enough information before I took the plunge. 
My main reason for going natural is that my hair has gotten thinner over the years and I want my kinky healthy full hair back. First things first, I need a game plan so I am currently building a regimen and a list of products I will be using
Two websites have been especially helpful and both have Youtube Channels as well: and

Where I am Today 
I am almost 5 months post relaxer and I recently did a chop. I cut off about 10 inches of my hair. I am still getting used to the process of transitioning so I am no expert by any means.The products below have made the process much easier for me.
  1. Distilled Water
  2. Virgin Coconut Oil
  3. Vegetable Glycerin
  4. Raw Shea Butter
  5. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner
  6. Almond Oil
  7. Virgin Olive Oil
  8. Biotin Supplement
My hair in October 2011
May 2012: 5 months post relaxer, My hair in a messy twistout.
Update on Summer Hair Plans
I will be purchasing my kinky curly hair extensions later this month. Instead of buying Indian Kinky Curly Hair I have decided to try Mongolian Kinky Curly Hair Extensions.I will not put them in until the weather gets warmer since it is still raining ,wet and somewhat cold where I live. I haven't decided what lengths I want yet but I think I will purchase 2 bundles: 14 and 18 inches and a 12 inch closure.

Have a wonderful week dolls x

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