Friday, 20 April 2012

Brazilian Lace Closure + Ombre Hair Update & Transitioning

Hey dolls... so sorry I haven't posted in a while but I had to travel on very short notice. I had no time to re-install my Virgin Filipino Hair 3/4 Wig with my brazilian lace closure before my trip, so I am still wearing my brazilian lace closure with my Ombre Brazilian Hair 3/4 Wig.My closure is holding up great and I haven't had to replace the elastic bands since the bands have not loosened  at all. The closure still doesn't shed and it curls and straightens really well so I am still 100% happy with it. It is low maintenance and  has made transitioning much easier for me because I do not have to leave any of my hair out. If you are looking for how to give your hair a break or you are transitioning like me, I would highly recommend a closure.

My ombre Brazilian 3/4 Wig is still going strong. I have had this hair for 5 months and I still have very minimal shedding and no tangling except the occasional snag at the nape.

Update on My Own Hair
I am a little over 4 months post relaxer and I am transitioning. I took out my cornrows today to wash and condition my hair. Transitioning so far has been a little challenging because I have to deal with two different textures. My roots are growing out  and very coarse and my tips are relaxed so I have been trimming my tips weekly. I am not going to do a big chop.. or at least I am still undecided.

Enjoy your weekend dolls :)


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