Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Make Virgin or Remy Hair Extensions Last Longer

Buying hair extensions is the first step, caring for the hair after purchase will determine the longevity. Just like your real hair, the hair needs moisture and tlc. And unlike synthetic hair,Virgin or Remy Hair Extensions requires more maintenance.

A few useful tips:
  • Co-wash your extensions with a moisturizing conditioner prior to putting them in. You do not know where the hair has been and the hair may appear dry on arrival. Co-washing cleans and moisturizes the hair.
  • Seal your wefts. Like I have stated before, ALL HAIR EXTENSIONS SHED!! It is unrealistic to expect no shedding at all.Some company's have good quality hair but the weft is weak so you experience a lot of shedding. Regardless of which company you purchase from you can further protect your investment by sealing your weft yourself. I use Dritz Fray Check (pictured below) to seal my wefts. I purchased it from Walmart.

  • Apply the product to both sides of the weft as well as the top of the weft. Leave to dry.
  • Video on how to seal your wefts.\
  • Try not to cut the weft at all. I find that this not only reduces shedding but it also makes it easier to store the hair for future use after you remove the install.
  • Do not use too many products. Find products that work and stick to them. Avoid excessive heat, excessive dying and coloring which can shorten the life span of your extensions.

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