Friday, 5 October 2012


I have always used black spandex swim caps to make my U-part wigs/full wigs but i have been dissatisfied with the cap in recent months because my hair underneath gets very itchy. I know many others swear by this cap but it has has no ventilation so my hair cannot breathe. I looked for an alternative and I found a lace wig making cap. The cap is great for those who are beginners because the U-part is already built in. You can choose a cap with a middle part or side part and also choose how big or small you want your U-part to be. The caps can be used to make Full Wigs (with a closure in front) as well and it has adjustable straps at the back.

Since I started using this cap, i experience NO itching at all... none. I am amazed at what a difference it makes. I get them from eBay, search "mesh lace wig cap". Definitely a must have.

My next post will be a show and tell on my new hair. I am very excited to show you because I will be using 4 bundles for the first time ever with a closure. 

Have a wonderful weekend dolls x

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