Friday, 2 December 2011

Ebay Haul

Can't believe it is December already. This year went by super fast!! I am really behind on my Christmas shopping and I have to get a move on asap.

I have been doing a lot of random searching on Ebay to find some things I couldn't find elsewhere online or in stores. Below are the items from my recent Ebay Haul. 
** All the sellers ship Worldwide so you can purchase the items from anywhere in the world **

If you want anything, anything at all, you can probably find it on Ebay.. the selection is craaazyyy!! 

1.   Thermal Cap

I bought this because I have wanted a deep conditioning cap for as long as I can remember but I was a bit eerie about buying one that needed to be plugged in so I am glad I found this alternative. I hope it works!!
Buy it Here

2. Big Bendy Rollers

I need Big Bendy Rollers for more voluminous curls. The ones I have currently are smaller sized.
Buy It Here

3. Satin Sleep Cap

This is another item I wanted that is way overpriced in stores in my area. Satin sleep caps are a must, they keep your hair from drying out. You should also wear them over your real hair and also when you have Remy/Virgin hair extensions installed.
Buy It Here

4. Eyelash Applicator
I don't know about you but I suck at applying false eyelashes and I have never worn them as a result. But I came across this eyelash applicator in a Youtube video that "supposedly" makes the application of falsies easier so I decided to purchase one. *Fingers Crossed*

5.   Braided Headband

These are hard to find elsewhere!! I bought one in black and I am stoked to see what cute hairstyles I come up with using this headband :) 
Buy It Here

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