Wednesday, 7 December 2011

DIY: First Look at My Brazilian 3/4 Wig

I know what y'all are thinking and the answer is YES!! I am a Weave-A-Holic.

I had some free time on my hands yesterday.. it was my day off and while I was organizing my storage, I found two unused bundles of Virgin Brazilian Hair 16 inches . One bundle was a Brazilian Body Wave (Natural Black) and the other bundle was straight with a slight wave (Natural dark brown). I decided to make a 3/4 Wig with the two random bundles. When I started thinking about switching to Brazilian hair, I ordered samples from different companies and the two bundles are most likely samples from different sellers.

I used the natural dark brown bundle on the bottom and the natural black bundle on top and this created a very subtle Ombre effect which is hard to see in the pictures :(
I was so eager to make the wig that I forgot take a picture of the bundles prior making the 3/4 wig and I finished the wig in a  little over two hours. I am getting pretty good at this :) I am never going back to sew ins... ever!!

I am loving the shorter length and as you can see two bundles is enough if your are using 16 inches or shorter. I made the U-part much bigger on this one because I intend to leave out a lot of my hair. I have not experienced any shedding.. like none at all which is awesome!! This is the hair I will wear prior to Christmas and New year before switch to my longer 3/4 wig from this post:

The 3/4 wig is not sewn to my hair yet and that is why the last picture does not show the top of my head. I am 4 months post relaxer and my roots look cray cray. I am getting a relaxer next week :) :)

Here's a sneak peek:
Front View

Back View

Top View
Update coming soon!!

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