Friday, 25 November 2011

DIY: My Second 3/4 Wig Using Brazilian (Body Wave) Hair Extensions

Second time is the charm!!

I am done making my new 3/4 wig with the Brazilian Body Wave Hair Extensions from my previous post.

This time I did a much better job and it took me less time than the first time. I did not cut my wefts at all, not even in the front, unlike my 1st U-part wig.Practice does make perfect! This is my 2nd attempt at a 3/4 wig and I have to give myself kudos on that note.
I used a black Dome Cap & Foam Head
I sew around the tracks with  a loop stitch, I never sew through the weft.
Front View 
Back View

Top ViewU-Part

Closer View of The U-Part
Semi-Finished Look

 I used Angela Simmons' hair as the inspiration for this look and mine is not nearly as full. I can achieve a more voluminous look with bendy rollers. 

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  1. Awesome images.Brazilian body wave hair is known for its quality.My daughter is also interested in using this extension.Thanks for sharing such information.


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