Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Virgin Hair Extensions: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Truth

This post is strictly concerning "Virgin" human hair extensions. I have read a infinite number of opinions on forums, watched several videos on youtube and even discussed this topic with my friends. I came to one obvious conclusion "There Is No Such Thing As Perfect Hair Extensions". First of all, you need to have realistic expectations when buying hair extensions so you will not be disappointed. No matter what company you buy from or how much you pay per pack\bundle, no hair is 100% perfect.The best way to find a good company is to do your research or ask your friends/family for referrals. As much as I love Youtube I will not buy every hair a guru recommends simply because one persons' experience may be different from mine. I also understand that what is "good hair" to me may not be "good hair" to you.

My Personal Definition of "Good Hair Extensions"?
  1. The hair has minimal shedding.
  2. The hair has minimal-no tangling.
  3. If the hair is "Virgin", then the color will not run when I wash it.
  4. The hair is good for multiple installations (lasts at least 8 months-1 year). 
  5. The hair returns to it's natural state when washed.
The Good 
  • Virgin Hair extensions allow you to experiment with a lot of different looks without causing damage to your own hair. They are very versatile; coloring and styling options are endless.
The Bad
  • Blending can be a problem. Heat is often required to blend your own hair with your Virgin Hair Extensions. Prolonged heat usage can cause damage to your own hair.
  • "Virgin" hair extensions can come with wierd odours that can be hard to get rid of.

The Ugly Truth About Hair Extensions 
  •  ALL HAIR EXTENSIONS SHED! (regardless of price there will be shedding) but good hair extensions should have minimal shedding.Think of it this way,the hair is wefted and there is no way every single strand of hair will adhere to the weft. So there will be some loose hairs. Besides, your real hair sheds, so why wouldn't your hair extensions shed?! Shedding and hair go together like bread and butter lol. If you want to reduce or eliminate shedding, SEAL YOUR WEFTS!!
  • You may experience tangling in the nape area because your hair rubs against your clothes etc.. But then again this should be very minimal and easy to detangle. If the hair gets matted then that is a big NO NO and that means the cuticles are not aligned.
  • The color of Virgin hair will probably not match your real hair color perfectly since the color varies. Remember wefts are made using from ponytails from different donors.  But you can always dye the hair to any color you want.
  • You will probably find grey hairs in your bundles some of the time but if it the grey hairs are excessive it just means the donor was older or had a lot of grey hair. I inspect all my bundles prior to installation and I use tweezers to remove any grey strands.
  • Virgin hair often requires maintenance so take care of your extensions like you would your natural hair. The lifespan of your extensions depend on how well you take care of them.
I could go on and on about this topic .. but I choose to end here and I hope I helped someone in some way!


  1. This article about the virgin hair and remy hair are very informative

  2. Thanks for sharing such kind of useful information. I wasn't aware that hair stylists just buy hair extensions from anywhere. I would take caution when I buy hair extension next time. virgin hair


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