Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Spotlight: Lacefront Wigs

 I have a pet peeve for horrible hairlines courtesy Lacefront Wigs. Wearing lacefront wigs is hard and even celebrities get it wrong.  Bottom line is, you do not want to look like you are wearing a helmet.
Prior to jumping on the " Remy and Virgin Hair" bandwagon, I wore a lot of synthetic lacefront wigs and this past summer, i wore a Brazilian Remy lacefront wig so everything I say is simply from my own experience or from what I have observed. The purpose of this post is not to offend anyone.

 Lacefront Wigs: Donts
DO NOT glue down your lacefront wig.  I have seen people wear their lacefront wigs and the residue of the glue is still visible along the hairline. A lot of people use glue but I wouldn't recommend it just because I worry about the long term effect the use of glue could have on your hairline.

DO NOT wear the wig way in front of your natural hairline, this will create a very unnatural looking hairline and that helmet look you do not want.

What I used to do: I would part my hair from temple to temple leaving some hair out in front. Then I would attach the lacefront to my hair using the combs and then comb the left out hair over to cover the lace front. This would create a more natural looking hairline because from the front it is my natural hairline showing. Also it gives you a little bit more parting room since a lot of lace front wigs do not come with a lot of parting room.
One good thing I can say about lace front wigs is that they are a good protective style. But other than that, I would not wear one again because it is hard to make them look believable without leaving some of your hair out in front. This eliminates the "purpose"... I might as well have worn half wigs.
I would recommend Glueless full lace wigs because I have seen a number of nice ones on Youtube and they do not require you to use glue and can be parted anywhere.


  1. lol, some funny ish, ladies take note

  2. Great post!!!!! I HATE that unnatural hairline!!

  3. Damn!! this is crazy!!! like REALLY!

  4. Thanks for sharing this useful information about lace front wig and it was very useful for me in same.


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