Sunday, 4 November 2012

DIY: Fix Overbleached Knots on a Lace Closure

This is thesame closure I have had since March 2012. See my initial post HERE. The closure is still in great condition, the lace is still intact. I have worn it with straight & wavy hair. It is very versatile,straightens/curls easily and it barely sheds even 7 months later. I finally decided to bleach the knots. Yes I decided to bleach the knots of my closure 7 months after I got it and have been wearing it.
I have seen many videos on Youtube on how to bleach knots but I was still hesitant about trying it out myself. I bleached the knots and guess what... the knots were overbleached and it came out brassy.
See for yourself :(

So I went back to Youtube to search for ways to fix overbleached knots on a closure. This is the video I used to correct my closure:

My Closure after I fixed the overbleached knots:

Before                                         After 

A much easier and super quick solution is to use Colorful Red Out Shampoo Treatment. I would have tried this method but I could not find the product anywhere in my area. If you can find it where you live then this is a faster method. It is also available online HERE

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