Saturday, 14 March 2015

DIY Affordable Protective Styles Review

I have been wearing protective styles since August 2014. I have worn crochet braids with Marley hair, yarn twists and box braids; i did all these styles on myself for the first time (i normally pay to get them done)>

Crochet Braids with Marley Hair
I used 2 packs in a color 1B. I cut the hair in half. Kept this style for a month and a half. 
Pros: Versatile styling, no hair left out.
Cons: Hair is very dry (I used a cream moisturizer to soften it). It is a hassle curling it while it is on your head because you have to dip it in hot water. If you want this style it is better to make a crochet wig.
I curled my hair using TheChicNatural's  method:

Yarn Twists (My favorite protective styles)
I used 100% acrylic yarn (7-9 strands per twist). Kept this style in for a month.
Pros: Cheaper than braiding hair, easy to put in, fast & take out, less breakage than box braids.
Cons: Burning the tips & and heavier than box braids (especially when wet).
Box Braids
I used 2 packs of Xpression braiding hair in a Color 2. I am currently wearing this style, I plan to wear it for 2 months. 
Pros: Lasts for a long time, low maintenance & versatile styling
Cons: Takes a long time to put them in and take them out. More breakage than yarn twists.

My favorite protective style is Yarn Twists because they are easy to install and take down is easy & super fast. 

What is your favorite protective style?

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