Wednesday, 5 October 2011

DIY: First Time 3/4 Wig (U-Part) using Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions

There is a first time for everything :)

I watch Youtube videos daily and after seeing a number of videos on 3/4 wigs, i decided to make a 3one for myself. I was looking for an alternative to regular sew-in weaves since sew-in weaves are too damn itchy. After a week I already want to take my weave out.

Making a 3/4 wig is time consuming and I have to give myself kudos for my 1st attempt. It did not turn out perfect but i was satisfied with the results. I messed up a little in the front but I found a way to patch it up and it still turned out pretty. My friends raved when they saw my hair, they thought I got the extensions sewn in and were surprised when i told them it was a 3/4 wig.I actually think I will stick to 3/4 wigs from now on.

I installed the Virgin Brazilian Hair from my previous post on a spandex cap.This hair is the bomb!! This is my 3rd install and I have never had better hair. Everyone thought I installed brand new extensions. It has minimalshedding and does not tangle at all. This is the best hair I have tried hands down!!!! If you want to try Virgin Brazilian Hair i would recommend you try this hair. I usually hate re-using extensions but that is because I have never purchased extensions that were good enough to be used over and over.

Drumroll please .... :P   Here are pictures of my 1st ever 3/4 wig P.S: I love it!!!!
Front View
I installed my Virgin Brazilian Wavy Hair Extensions on a spandex cap using a foam head. To summarize what i did, instead of sewing the hair extensions onto my hair directly, I sew them onto a black spandex cap.

Back View

Top View
You can see where I made a  mistake but I managed to patch it up and make it work :)  
Top View
The 3/4 wig on my head before I cut out the U-Part 

Top View
After I cut out the U-part, I installed the 3/4 wig by sewing it onto my hair braided underneath . Then I covered the tracks with my leave out. You can control the amount of hair you leave out by making the U-Part bigger or smaller.
3/4 wig fully installed
(I did not curl my hair to blend it with the wig yet, just wanted to show the finished look)
Pls excuse the bags under my eyes, I do not get enough sleep :(

Side View
Back View
I may dye my 3/4 wig to a jet black color. The Virgin Brazilian extensions came in a natural brown color and I like the virgin color of the extensions but my hair blends ok but not perfectly, since my hair is somewhere between a color 1B.  I have no experience dying hair but I have been watching videos on Youtube (as usual..... lol) so I feel confident enough to try it out myself.
If I end up dying the hair, I will put up pictures so you can see my results.

I have been going back and forth on whether or not I should try the "Ombre Look". This is what Ombre Hair looks like:

I prefer dark hair for the cold months so the Ombre Look will have to wait till the weather gets warmer.

My first install of this hair was a sew in with an invisible part (none of my hair was left out), second install was a regular sew in weave and third install is this 3/4 wig. The 3/4 wig is my favorite. It is versatile and I can take it off as often as I want to take care of my real hair.

If you have any questions or comments,  leave them below :)
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  1. Hey, I'm actually in Toronto and looking for someone to create a u part wig for my virgin hair ! Please email me if I can pay you to create one for me. Thank you

  2. This has given me the bravery to do my own. So scared! How long did urs take?

  3. My first one took 4-5 hours but I took breaks in between. Now when I make them it takes about 2 hours. You should make your own & let me know how it goes :)

  4. How many extensions did you need to use to create your look and what length were they? Did you have to cut the extensions into layers or is that all one length and layered just by how they are layered by the install. One more question.... What kind of tips were on them and how do you sew them in? It looks amazing!!

    1. I used 3 bundles (300g) grams of hair. 16, 18 and 20 inches. I did not have to cut them into layers because since I got them in different lengths it gave me a layered look. I put the longest bundle on the bottom and the shortest bundle on top. The tips were in good split ends.
      I put a spandex cap on a foam head (refer to pictures above) and sewed the hair on the spandex cap.Then I cut out my u-part and sewed the cap onto my braids. Lastly I covered the tracks with my leave out.

  5. nice!! plz share where did you purchase your hair?

  6. Thank you:) I got my hair from It is the Brazilian Wavy Hair.


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