Thursday, 19 January 2012

Virgin Brazilian 3/4 Wig-One Month Review

This Brazilian Hair 3/4 wig was initially installed in Dec 2011.I got so many compliments throughout my vacation and no one still believes I can actually do my own hair.
NO HEAT was used to style the hair for the 3 weeks I was away and I traveled with only bendy rollers so that is all I used to curl the hair.The only product I used on it was Argan Oil.The only issue I had was with the bangs. Styling bangs with bendy rollers is tricky and most Youtube Gurus use a flat iron to style their bangs. So i ended up wearing the hair to the side of my face not full on in my face.

No heat at all!!
One month later and I am still in love with this hair :D I have taken this 3/4 wig off three times throughout the month to care for my real hair. I love the versatility of 3/4 wigs.

One of my main goals this year is to learn to style hair better. I suck at using a flat iron to curl my hair. I am pretty good with bendy rollers and I am satisfied with the curls I get from using bendy rollers but I really want to improve my heat styling skills.

Before I started making 3/4 wigs, I could not do hair at all...AT ALL.. not even cornrows. I am still learning to do cornrows and the good thing is that the cornrows do not have to be neat because no one is going to see it.  If I can do it, then you can so I encourage you try.

So whats next for this hair? I am doing the Ombre look as soon as I have the time.

Have a great weekend dolls x


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